Little Blue Sun Dress

Dress: Tobi (courtesy of) // Shoes: No longer available, but I love these and these // Bag: Kate Spade, also love this and this

You guys! I have found THE dress. Seriously - if you only buy one dress for Spring...I would highly recommend making it this one.

It's the prettiest light blue color, has the BEST white pom pom detail around the bottom, ruffle-y sleeves, comfy light-weight fabric, can be dressed up or down... it's so cute.

It's still pretty rainy and grey around here, but I know that sunshine is going to be here any day now! And when it arrives, I'll be waiting. In this dress.

Flirty For Spring

Dress:   Tobi   (courtesy of. only $15!!) // Boots: old, but I LOVE   these ,  these , and  these   // Sunglasses: Kate Spade, and I also love   these   and   these

Dress: Tobi (courtesy of. only $15!!) // Boots: old, but I LOVE these, these, and these // Sunglasses: Kate Spade, and I also love these and these

Ok, who else is SO SO ready and excited for Spring?! This morning when I let Gunner outside, I heard birds chirping and the air felt ever so slightly warmer - it got me dreaming about sunshine-y, Spring days!

The off the shoulder trend is HUGE this season, so I have definitely been stocking up on cold-shoulder and off the shoulder pieces. I LOVE this trend!

This pretty lavender dress is seriously the most comfortable, easy, effortlessly stylish dress. I can see myself definitely having it on repeat for this Spring. It's super feminine (which I am AAALLL about) and it is light-weight (but not see-through). It's the perfect trend piece to add to your wardrobe this season.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this dress with you all because it's just the best! And OH, did I mention it's only $15??????

Five Favorites

Wow, sorry for being MIA this past week! We were traveling for a wedding and things have been SO busy since we got back!!

Ok, ready for another round of Five Favorites?

Here are five things from all categories - makeup, skincare, fashion, etc... that I am LOVING right now, and I think you will love them too! Just click each title for more info!

1. Haloscope by Glossier

This highlighter is SO easy to use and it gives the most perfect, dewy glow.

These are the cutest wedges and they go with everything.

Such a beautiful top - perfect for Spring!

Such a beautiful top - perfect for Spring!

Perfect for flat lays!

Perfect for flat lays!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

Spring Lust List

I am SO excited that spring is here! Warmer weather, sunny days, pretty flowers… Spring is such a beautiful, happy time! Plus, it is so fun to swap out the winter wardrobe for lighter, flirtier warmer-weathered fashion! Here are a few items that I’m LOVING right now for spring:

1. Lightweight Cardigan. I love this lightweight cardigan! It's perfect to throw over any outfit. It gives a little coverage and warmth without being hot or bulky. I especially love this paired with a mini dress! // Cardigan: Nordstrom

2. Cutout High-heeled Booties. These are the perfect transition from the classic bootie of winter and fall into the warmer months. Update your bootie look with these fun, cutout, sandal booties! These work with anything from a pair of white skinny jeans, to a cute sun dress! // Booties: Nordstrom

3. Florals. I am ALL about florals this season! I think they are so pretty and feminine. They scream SPRING! I'm obsessed with ALL of Show Me Your Mumu's line. It's just the epitome of femininity and springtime cool. // Maxi Dress: Show Me Your Mumu

4. Off The Shoulder. I think this is one of my favorite trends for spring - the "off the shoulder" look. It's so cute, cool, and flirty! // Top: Show Me Your Mumu

5. Body-Con Dresses. I love body-con dresses - especially paired with a long, light-weight cardigan and some cut-out booties! Perfect spring outfit, in my opinion! // Dress: Nordstrom

6. Fresh Sunnies. I have had my pair of Kate Spade aviators for over a year now and I love them! Aviators will always be my favorite, go-to style of sunglasses. But I've been eyeing these Gentle Monster sunglasses for awhile now, and I think they are so fun for spring! // Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

7. Floppy Hats. I think this look is so classy and fun! Throwing on a floppy hat is not only a style statement, but it also will help to protect your face from the sun! Win win! // Hat: Nordstrom

8. Studded T-Strap Flats. Super cute statement shoes that go with jeans, shorts, name it! I especially love this style in denim! // Flats: Nordstrom

What are your fashion must-haves for this spring? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Anna

Jump Start Your Spring


Spring has sprung and it's about time! It was a long winter and it is easy to start feeling a bit stir crazy when your outdoor activities are limited. With the warming of the weather, it's time to start planning those backpacking trips and getting ready for those wilderness climbs. Image

During the winter months it is normal for us to slack on exercise in favor of snuggling up with a blanket by the fire. Nothing wrong with snuggling or blankets or fires, however when spring  rolls around, it can be quite the rude awakening to realize that all of that winter snoozing left you feeling weak, out of breath, and totally unprepared for a long trek. When it's time to load up your pack and head out into the backcountry, you want to be ready.

Here are a few ways to jump-start your spring and get back into the swing of things, physically:

1. Make a list. Write down your goals [i.e. hikes you want to do, backpacking trips you have planned, climbs you want to try, a beachy vacation that you want to get in shape for...]. That way you can see everything laid out before you. If that isn't motivation to whip your butt into gear, I don't know what is.

2. Create a routine. Make a plan of when and where and how often you are going to exercise. If it's before work five times a week, then set your alarm a little earlier and go to bed a little sooner than you normally would the night before. Then, [and this is easier said than done,] stick to it. Routines take anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form, depending on who you ask. So when your alarm goes off at 5:30am or you get home from work at 7:00pm, don't give into the urge to "take the day off". Just do it.

3. Mix up your workout regimen. It's easy to get bored if you do the same work out every day. So, try picking a few different ways to exercise and rotate through them on various days of the week. When prepping for a backcountry adventure, it is important to not only get good cardiovascular exercise in, but also to build up strength and endurance. Try alternating between running, going on hikes, and yoga.

4. Find workouts that you love. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will be more likely to actually do it. All the good intentions in the world wont make you go out for a run if you absolutely hate running. If a spin class is more your thing, do it! If jump roping floats your boat, do that.

I love taking barre3 classes. They are fun and they really build up your strength and endurance - plus you get a great cardio work out, mixed with toning and stretching. Perfection!

And if hiking is the only form of "working out" that you can stand, go hiking more. 

If crowded trails aren't your style, check out my post on "Why It's Good to Get Off the Trail" for some tips on how to find more remote places to hike.

5. Start now! It is not too early to start training for your backpacking trip this June. Start your new exercise routine, and make sure you strap on your loaded pack at every chance you get. Even just walking around your house with it on will build up your strength. You don't want the first time you put on your pack this year to be when you're heading out into the wild for three nights.

This is going to be a great year of outdoor exploration!

Let me know your favorite ways to get physically ready for adventure in the comments below!