Merry Christmas!

Can you believe that Christmas is tomorrow? Wow, this, this YEAR has just flown by!

Last Christmas, Ben and I were living down in California. We had our own Christmas, just the two of us (well, four of us actually...Gunner was there, and little James was there too, although he was about the size of a raspberry!). It was such a special Christmas, getting to have it all to ourselves. We missed our families, of course. But, I sure am glad that we got to have one Christmas where it was just us.

We had a framed ultrasound picture under our tree, and we were so so excited because we had only known I was pregnant for about a month, and we had just had our first ultrasound a week or so earlier. We had so much to celebrate and it made having Christmas to ourselves even more beautiful since it would be our last before having a kid.

This Christmas is going to be even better than last year's! James is here with us and I am SO looking forward to sharing the magic of Christmas with him. He turned five months old yesterday, can sit up all on his own, loves banana and avocado, loves chatting, reading, and blowing bubbles, is still sleeping through the night, and he is just the most fun, sweetest, smiley-est little guy! I can't wait for him to open his presents tomorrow morning, even though he'll probably enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gifts themselves at this point!

We're spending today (Christmas Eve) at home, just the four of us, all cozy. I'm making a batch of my cinnamon rolls (you can find the recipe here) so that they will be ready to pop in the oven tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon we're heading to a big family dinner at my parents' house.

Isn't Christmas just the BEST?? What are your Christmas plans? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourself and that your day is filled with love and happiness!

Lash Like A Boss

I am AAAALLL about dark, thick, long eyelashes and dramatic eyeliner, paired with pale pink lips and rosy cheeks. That is my go-to every day look, and I don't typically stray from that. In fact, I've been doing a similar look ever since I started wearing makeup in middle school! I guess you could say I'm not very adventurous when it comes to trying out different makeup looks, but I prefer to think of it as ...I know what I like!

I am always on the hunt for new mascaras and eyeliners that help me to achieve my much desired dramatic eye look. It's HARD to find a good mascara that gives you volume, length, dark color, AND doesn't leave you with clumps or a big mess. That's why I am SO excited to have found the new Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline! You guys, it is seriously so so amazing!

I was sent this mascara complimentary from Influenster and Maybelline to test out and review. I ALWAYS give honest reviews, and I am a harsh critic of mascara, so I was ready to tear this mascara apart and find any problems with it that I could. When I first saw the brush, I was skeptical. It looks like a mess. BUT, as soon as I started to apply the mascara, I was sold. It goes on SOO smoothly and evenly. After just one coat, my eye lashes were perfectly dark, long, and full of volume. And the best part was, NO CLUMPS. *cheers* Because clumps are the WORST.

So, I'm now in love with this mascara, and I just had to tell you all about it. Plus, it can be bought at the drugstore and is very very affordable, which is always nice! Especially for a mascara that is SO AMAZING!

I was also sent the new Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner from Maybelline. I could go on and on about this product, but I will just say that my eyeliner woes and worries are NO MORE. This eyeliner lets you achieve the PERFECT cat eye like it's nothing. So simple, so easy, and no mess. Perfect cat eye every time. Just what I like. It's the best eyeliner that I've used in a loooong time, and my eyeliner looks better than it EVER has (at least with me doing it!). So, again, highly highly recommend! And remember, this is a drugstore brand, so it is so affordable, and the quality that you get it UNBELIEVABLE for the price.

There you have it! Just had to tell you all about these great new beauty finds! Yes, I was sent these products for free to try out, but all of my opinions are entirely my own. This is my honest review and I truly LOVE these new products and will be using them in my daily makeup routine from now on!! I'm going to be doing a dramatic cat eye for Christmas dinner, and I will definitely be using this new mascara and eyeliner to achieve it!

What is YOUR go-to makeup look?? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!

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